Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm feeling WICKED

One short day in the city of Denver...

This past week me, my mom, and our great friend Michele Farrer flew out to Denver for 2 days to see the play Wicked. IT WAS AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE AND TOTALLY WICKED!!! I loved it so much. Definitely one of the best birthday presents ever. My mom has a great talent of finding awesome deals online for tickets and hotels, so we were on the front row! It was such a neat, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Me, My Mom, and Michele

Michele Farrer is one of those women that I look up to dearly. She was my Young Women leader when I was 16 and I have learned so much from her. When we had scripture study that night (me reciting a scripture as we were laying in bed) it was Mosiah 4:9-10 and Michele says, "That's our problem, we talky talky talky, no doey doey doey-- amen." She gets a little crazy when it's late, hence her girls camp nickname 'Crazy Lady.'

We had a hoot shopping downtown!! Best pick up line from the man on the street: "I have a hole in my heart, how did you three get out?" And then my mom's best quotes from the trip, "You know you're a spoiled brat right?" Yes mom, I know. And "Ok I have to admit I got a little teary eyed when they were saying goodbye to each other-- yes I got teary eyed in Wicked." Great moments.

Me and My Mom
But mostly I loved it because I got to spend some needed quality time with my mom.

Have I mentioned that she is my best friend? And that she is GORGEOUS? I can tell her anything and everything and she always knows what to say. In the past I haven't listened to her very much and there was a time when I didn't like talking to her. I looked back in my journal last night from September of 2011 when my mom was helping me through some real hard times including a broken wrist, heart, and shoulder, and I wrote this in some wonderful left-handed writing "My mom is my best friend. Why didn't I talk to her last year? I was so dumb!" I hope I never take her for granted ever again. I know I'm not the best listener sometimes and I definitely have my stubborn moments (I know big surprise), but I love her so much. Especially our random break out dance sessions after movies, in the kitchen, and just when we're having fun together.

My Gorgeous Mom and Me

I Love my Wonder Woman Mom! Even though she probably won't read this... Sorry for being a stupid teenager the past 7 years. Thanks for always being there. I look up to you so much--and always will.


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