Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It happened in the temple...

Alright, here's a story that happened to me back in March. I totally asked for a guys number in the temple. I really wanted to go on a date with someone and so I was trying to do things about it. I'm not going to sit back and wait for Prince Charming to come to me (if he even exists). Chances are I'll probably knock him over first by telling him that he's going to regret not asking me out. It's long, but believe me--IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT.

WARD TEMPLE NIGHT. Wednesday, March 7th 2012. I went with my friend Anna to do baptisms even though the ward was doing a session. As I was getting my jumpsuit I stepped back and I kind of ran into someone. As I turned around, this GORGEOUS guy was right there behind me. He said sorry and I said sorry and it was great little moment. I was really taken aback because normally old people work in the temple and here was a gorgeous young temple worker. So we get confirmed and then head to the baptistry and lo and behold he is doing the baptisms. Now this is where he really impresses me. As I stepped into the font he put out his hand and helped me down the stairs (I absolutely love it when guys do that), then he said 'How are you?' 

And I said 'I'm doing well how are you?'
'I'm good, Thank you for coming.'
I replied, 'Thank you for being here.' Another cute moment :)
So as I was getting out of the font he said, 'Come again.'
And I said 'You too'

But of course he's going to come again, he works there... As we were walking up the stairs I turned to Anna and said,
'Anna, he was really cute'
She said 'I know'
I replied 'I kind of want to do something about it.'

We had gone up 4 stairs and so I turned around and walked down and as I looked down the hallway he was sitting on a chair right at the end. He didn't see me, but ... I chickened out. I just couldn't say anything to him. So I turned back around and we started walking back to the car.

Ok you have to know something about me--I'm a big fan of no regrets. And I'm pretty good at knowing what I will regret and what I won't. So I was trying to convince myself as we were leaving that I wouldn't regret not saying anything, cause its just one boy and I could come back next Wednesday and see if he's there. But as we were halfway to the car I had this thought, 'Jessie, who are you kidding, you're totally going to regret not saying anything.' Right then I turned to Anna and told her that we have to turn back-- I'm going to regret not doing anything about it. So she comes with me and we walk back into the temple. She was freaking out more than I was at this point cause this is way out of her comfort zone, but she has a boyfriend so it's not a big deal for her anyways. The door to the baptistry was locked so we waited a few minutes for someone to come out so that we could go back down the stairs. Turns out timing was perfect because it was not very busy. I went down to the desk and I tell the temple worker lady behind the desk,

 'I kind of have an awkward question for you... the boy that baptized us was really cute.'
She kind of laughed and said 'Brother A___?'
And I said 'Ya, do you know if he's married or single?'
By this time another temple worker gentleman had come up to the desk and he answered this question and said
'He's not married, but I'm not sure if he's single. He might have a girlfriend.'

After some awkward moments of not knowing what to do, they went searching for him because I just wanted to tell him that I thought he was cute. As I awkwardly stood there at the desk waiting patiently, I made the comment to another temple worker sitting behind the desk, 'Hey the church wants us to date right?' He was obviously amused by the situation and I don't blame him. I mean c'mon people, I'm trying to learn something at BYU. They only try to ingrain it in our brains--practically every day.

The cute boy finally walks in from the washroom behind the desk and this is what I say:

'Hi! I wanted to thank you for baptizing us, and I just want to tell you that I think you're really cute.'

It totally caught him off guard and he didn't know what to say. He blushed. It was kind of cute actually. He couldn't even look at me haha, he just thought his white socks were really interesting at the moment. That was all I had planned to say so I was just going with the flow at this moment. Anna was still kind of freaking out, but I had the situation somewhat under control. Kind of. The gentleman helped out the situation at this point and asked Ethan (the cute boy),

'So Ethan, these ladies want to know if you're single or taken.'
He replied saying, 'I'm not taken, I'm just getting over a serious relationship.'

Now I didn't really know what to say to this comment because I was kind of sorry cause that sucks, but then I wasn't because I kind of want to go on a date with this boy. So... Awkward moment... Again the temple workers helped us out and the lady said,

'Well, let’s get some paper!'

So Ethan wrote down his number and I wrote down my number--so that it was more of an exchange of numbers and not that I was asking for a boys number in the temple.

THE BEST PART: as I was writing down my number the gentleman said

'Hey, at least you know she has a temple recommend.' Great right?

I texted him later that night and basically he wasn't ready for anything 'serious.' But I was only thinking Macey's ice cream... Oh well. Nice story though, right?

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